We offer our children a well balanced, nutritional set of meals and snacks that are cooked by our dedicated cook on site. Because we prepare most of our food from scratch we can ensure that our food contains the minimum amount of salt and sugar. A two course meal is provided at lunch time and a light tea is provided in the afternoon. Children will also have a snack in the morning and afternoon.

Not all children eat well and we know this can be a headache and a worry for many parents. At Morlo Nursery we make meal times fun and a social affair. We help and encourage all the children to try different foods.

We are used to dealing with children's food allergies and all kinds of dietary requirements. Just let us know and we'll make sure your child’s specific requirements are catered for.

The menu is rotated three weekly so that children receive a varied and balanced diet and you can see what your child will eat before-hand. We will always make a note on their daily sheet about what they liked and how much or little they ate.









Morning Snack

Served with milk or water

Wholemeal toast with butter and pear slices

Cornflakes with raisons and sliced bananas

Wholemeal toast with jam and apple chunks

Rice krispies and malt loaf

Wholemeal toast and banana slices


Served with water or diluted fruit juice

White fish and broccoli pie with sweet corn

Pasta in a tomato  sauce with hidden vegetables and garlic bread

Roast chicken with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, stuffing and gravy

Sheppard’s pie with veggie mince, grated cheese, broccoli, carrots and gravy

Grilled Pork sausages, mashed potato and peas


Natural yoghurt and fresh fruit

Orange jelly and mandarins

Semolina and high fruit jam


Natural yoghurt and raspberries

Homemade sponge cake and custard

Afternoon snack

Served with milk or water

Oatcakes with cottage cheese and apple chunks

Fresh fruit

bread sticks with houmous and cherry tomatoes

carrot and cucumber sticks with tomato salsa


Cream crackers and cheese cubes


Served with water or diluted fruit juice

Pea and ham soup with crusty bread

Crumpets and celery and pepper sticks

Toasted muffins and baked beans

Sandwiches with a choice of tuna, chicken and high fruit jam and rice cakes


Reduced sugar and salt beans on toast


Choc ices

Carrot cake

Fresh Fruit

Homemade fairy cakes

fresh fruit


Our meal and snack times are :
Breakfast 8.45am to 9.15am
Lunch 11:30pm
Snack 2:00pm to 2:30pm
Tea/Dinner 3:30pm